Herbal Body care range of products with great quality standard and low prices. Chemical free products. No allergy body products.

Calendula & Gingerlilly Handmade Soap
Rs.325 Ex Tax: Rs.325

Induces glow and helps to reduce wrinkles on skin improving overall complexion of skin...

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Davana & lavender Handmade soap
Rs.325 Ex Tax: Rs.325

Anti-Acne, Soothing to rough, Dry and chapped skin. Having rejuvenating properties...

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Deewal Breast Growth Oil
Rs.670 Ex Tax: Rs.670

Breast Growth Oil  In Modern time, every woman wants to look good and healthy. They want t..

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Deewal Liver-For 100 Years Capsules
Rs.1,050 Ex Tax: Rs.1,050

Deewal Liver-For 100 Years Key to Sound Health and Longevity TO Strengthen the liver in its routine ..

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Deewal Muscle Power Capsules
Rs.1,450 Ex Tax: Rs.1,450

Deewal Muscle PowerThe Muscles of A Body BuilderProtein Rich Capsules to enhance the muscle power, i..

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Deewal Slim- Trim Body Capsules
Rs.1,250 Ex Tax: Rs.1,250

Deewal Slim- Trim BodyFit Body- Hit BodyHelps In reducing weight and looking slim and beautifulCompo..

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Deewal Slimming Oil
Rs.320 Ex Tax: Rs.320

SLIMMING BODY OIL:It helps in reducing fat, making the skin tight and firm. It gives the skin a fres..

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Deewal Youth Fountain Capsules
Rs.1,150 Ex Tax: Rs.1,150

Keeps young & you feel 16 ForeverHelps in slowing down the ageing process and to keep the body a..

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Female Romance Oil
Rs.790 Ex Tax: Rs.790

Female Romance Oil  At present, due to unlimited usage of electronic gadgets and stressful..

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Rs.2,999 Ex Tax: Rs.2,999

Kaamsudha  Everyone wants love, care and affection in whole world, in creation of the worl..

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Male Romance Oil
Rs.720 Ex Tax: Rs.720

Male Romance Oil  Today, a large number of males are affected by sexual diseases. They go ..

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Nagarmotha Handmade Soap
Rs.325 Ex Tax: Rs.325

Antiseptic, Deodorant and process aroma therapy properties...

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Neem Face Oil - Supercritical Oil
Rs.850 Ex Tax: Rs.850

Natural Neem Face Oil  To moisturize the skin and face, neem oil has been used from centur..

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Neem Handmade Soap
Rs.325 Ex Tax: Rs.325

This mild soap is great for soothing irritated, itchy sensitive skin. It contains a minimum of 10% n..

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