BH+ Hair Colour Powder

BH+ Herbal hair colour powder is a PPD Free Hair Dye that helps in removing the grey hairs. It helps in enhancing the hair growth and also controlling dandruff. This herbal hair colour powder contains 100% natural herbal products which promote safe health. BH+ is a very popular Chemical Free Hair Color for maintaining one’s beauty due to his/her natural black hair colour. It also helps in getting attention with the beautiful natural black hair among the thousands of people. It is just not only a hair colour but it also a package for healthy hairs and guaranteed safe product for health. BH+ Hair colour is promised and functioned as 100%  customer satisfied herbal natural which has no any allergic effects on human body and hair. 

BH+ Black Hair Colour
Rs.250 Ex Tax: Rs.250

Natural Herbal Black Hair Dye  In Modern time, everyone wants to be looking good as per th..

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BH+ Brown Hair Colour
Rs.270 Ex Tax: Rs.270

Natural Herbal Brown Hair Colour  Today, stylish look is the key of looking beautiful and ..

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