Neem Dandruff Oil

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Natural Anti Dandruff Hair Oil  Hairs need regular cleaning

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Natural Anti Dandruff Hair Oil



Hairs need regular cleaning and nourishment for their better growth and functioning. But sometimes, hairs face many problems due to an unhealthy diet, polluted environment and less care and improper cleaning of your hairs that creates hair fall in a resultant way. Their many causes are responsible for hair fall but sometimes dried scalp of the head seems to be a major cause for this problem. Dandruff is a condition of the scalp in which white flakes appear on your scalp. Dandruff is marked with excessive itching. Their many causes are attempt for dandruff like less brushing, regular cleaning and less oiling.


In ancient time, people said that oiling is must for your hairs because dry scalp creates headache, dandruff, itching and many other problems. But dandruff affected hairs need special care of herbal and natural oil. For solving this problem here, TheNaturePure a natural care product manufacturing company that helps in maintaining good health and beautiful appearance with its natural herbal products. It also facilitates Natural Hair Oil For Anti Dandruff for removing dandruff and nourishing your hair scalp.


Ingredients For Natural Anti Dandruff Hair Oil:-


Natural Hair Oil For Anti Dandruff is made up of many herbal and ayurvedic medicinal herbs including Neem (Melia Azadiracta) Tea Tree oil, Olive oil, Castor oil, Sesame oil, Aloevera, Basil and Hibiscus Lemon Grass oil.


Benefits for Natural Anti Dandruff Hair Oil:-


All of these ingredients are natural supplements that have been used for treating dandruff and other problems of hairs from earlier. Several benefits of this Chemical Free Anti Dandruff  Hair Oil are discussed below:


  • Natural Hair Oil For Dandruff contains Aloevera that helps in controlling hair fall due to dandruff and getting smooth hairs.
  • Basil gives relax from itching because it contains herbal astringents.
  • Rare combination of Olive oil, castor oil and sesame oil provides silky and soft hairs with dandruff free scalp as a complement.
  • Neem is well known herb which removes and kills all fungus from your hair scalp.  

Regular Massage of this Herbal Dandruff Free Hair Oil gives you 100% satisfied and successful results after 3-4 applications.


Anti Dandruff Hair Oil


Chemical Free Anti Dandruff Oil


Natural Anti Dandruff Hair Oil

Additional Information
Ingredients Neem(Melia Azadiracta) Tea Tree oil, Olive oil , Castor oil, Sesame oil, Aloevera , Basil , Hibiscus Lemon Grass oil
Pack Size 110 ml


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