History of Hair coloring
22 Aug

History of Hair coloring

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Surprisingly, the Egyptians used to dye their hair with henna since, 1500 BC. Years later the Roman’s and Greeks frequently used to treat their hair with plant extract and other non-traditional methods such as henna, Indigo, Senna, Turmeric, Amla etc. Other civilizations like the Gaul and the Saxons used the different hair colors to show their class and rank in the society. Red hair people were also existed due to the result of a genetic mutation in the era of Queen Elizabeth in Scotland. After a long time in 1863 William Henry Perkin made an accidental discovery of first synthesized dye. Soon after his chemistry professor August Haffman derived a color-changing molecule naming Para-phenylenediamine or PPD and it is the foundation of all hair dyes till date. In 1907, Eugene Schueller traded the first chemical dye for commercial purposes naming L’Oreal.  In 1947 the German cosmetic firm Schwarzkopf launched the first home hair color product, “Poly color.” In 1950, the company “Clairol” introduced the first one step hair dye product that actually lightened hair without bleaching it even at home and it became a hit with the masses. Now days the celebrities are endorsing various brands. Today, the hair dyes are prevailing intensively. The hair care products are 25% of all beauty industry and the beauty industry is set to grow globally US$ 316 billion by 2019. People are also getting aware towards the bad effects of harsh chemicals in these hair dyes-causing allergies and even carcinogenic (cancerous) effects. So, all health conscious people are looking towards the 100% herbal or total natural hair colors derived from plants. Chemical Free Hair Coloring is the Future of Hair Color Industry.

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